Salado Cafe

About Us

At Salado Cafe, we’re on a mission to transform how salads are embraced and enjoyed across India. Our dedication stems from a deep-rooted passion for fostering healthier living and offering a wide range of tempting, nourishing salads. In doing so, we’ve proudly become India’s largest salad brand, captivating the discerning tastes and health-conscious preferences of a diverse customer base. 

In simpler terms, we’re committed to changing the salad scene in India. We’re really enthusiastic about encouraging a healthier lifestyle, and we’ve created a delicious lineup of salads to prove it. Now, we’re thrilled to be recognized as the go-to place for salads in India, where we’ve won over a wide range of people who care about both taste and health.

Our Mission

At Salado, we have a dream—a culinary vision, really. We’re passionate about combining the inviting and familiar flavors of India with influences from around the world. Imagine when you taste our salads, each bite is like a mini-adventure that transports you to a world of spices, herbs, and tastes that are quintessentially Indian, yet with a delightful twist inspired by global culinary influences. 

In simpler terms, we want to create salads that are a delightful fusion of Indian spices and international flavors. The goal is to make every mouthful a unique and exciting experience, where the distinct taste of India blends seamlessly with the diverse tastes from different parts of the world. It’s all about taking the familiar and infusing it with a dash of global flair, making salads more exciting and satisfying for your taste buds.

Our Vision

To amaze and nourish our customers with wholesome, high-quality, and delectable cuisine, as well as provide excellent service at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to give a wide spectrum of consumers with nutritious and tasty salads who do not want to sacrifice flavor or health

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